Bamboo wall material made in Japan "RE-style BAMBOO"

RE-style BAMBOOBamboo wall material

Bamboo wall material
Bamboo wall material


We dye bomboo grown in Japan with our own know-hows.
People recognize high value in hand-made products nowadays.

RE-style BAMBOO is a bamboo wall material that you can use in various situations.
Each of various dyeing methods such as indigo dye, persimmon-juice dye and dye with natural materials as well as smoking is sure to give a distinctive taste to bamboo.


Attractive features of RE-style BAMBOO
RE-style BAMBOO matches any style of architecture.

This product, with smoking, dyeing or etching applied, is a bamboo wall material which is perfectly fit with both Japanese and Western-style architectures. We are proud to introduce a new type of bamboo product furnished with superior design properties to both newly-constructed and renovated houses.


Smokede Bamboo
Indigo-dyed Bamboo
Indigo-dyed BAMBOO
Persimmon-dyed Bamboo
Persimmon-dyed BAMBOO

We’d like to recommend:

  • - For architects, to stimulate inspiration for creative ideas.
  • - For builders, to find something different from others.
  • - For general people, to provide with easy-to-construct DIY materials.

Please enjoy the customized space created by BAMBOO according to the individuality of the room and the user.

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