Bamboo wall material made in Japan "RE-style BAMBOO"

Persimmon-dyed BAMBOOBamboo wall material

RE-style BAMBOOPersimmon-dyed

RE-style Persimmon-dyed BAMBOO

「Persimmon-dyed BAMBOO」 Product specification

Size Width 40 x length 250mm
Color persimmon-color
Minumum Order
Price 51,900 JPY(519JPY/pc) (excluding shipping cost)

Product condision

Bamboo wall material surfaceBamboo wall material Tint Thickness Back

As RE-style BAMBOO is a dyed natural material, small scratches and stains are indeed natural tastes to enjoy. No such scratches and stains are caused during the fabrication, and thus, deemed as defects. Please understand no two products are identical in color, thickness and finish of surface.

RE-style Persimmon-dyed BAMBOORE-style Persimmon-dyed BAMBOORE-style Persimmon-dyed BAMBOO


This rather chic bamboo product is dyed with persimmon varnish.
Please enjoy the profound taste of persimon varnish in this bamboo material. Though it has Japanese taste, it also becomes in harmony with Western-style interior.

If you like a relaxing atmosphere, this is the one you should choose. We are sure that it will be the must to make a peaceful place where you can feel at eace.

We produce all persimmon-dyed BAMBOO by hand using only bamboos grown in Japan. Every piece of product is the “only one,” which is completely different from the mass-production where the same products are manufactured in large quantities.

Secret story by a chief developer

Similar to indigo dye, persimmon dye is greatly influenced by oil content of bamboo as well as climate, and as the result, we had to spend a lot of time to make it into a product. Every time we dyed, the degree to which the color was taken by the material was completely different. While such unstable situations continued for a long time, I almost lost hope not just once.

It is impossible to make exactly the same products by hand. That’s why we recognize the high value of handmade products. As every human being is unique, every bamboo has subtle differences in property.
The true taste of persimmon-dyed BAMBOO is the quiet and simple color. Although it took a long time to complete it, I’m quite satisfied with what we’ve done.

Persimmon-dyed BAMBOOO

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