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  • Do you need a office in Japan?

When you want to do the business in Japan, have you ever thought like this ?

To expand your business in Japan, have you ever thought if you need your own office in Japan ?

To communicate with Japanese clients, have you ever thought if you need Japanese staffs specialized in your business ?

When you started the doing business with Japanese companies, have you ever thought if the business proceedings in Japan are quite different from normal business style ?

We can solve your problems as your consultant and also as just like your Japanese staffs and you can use our office just as yours office in Japan.

How about this ?

What we can do

E-mail service / We can translate your e-mail into Japanese (Virtual Office)

We can translate your e-mail written in English into Japanese and forward its e-mails to your clients in Japan. When your client send us reply e-mail written in Japanese, we can translate its e-mails into English and forward its e-mail to you back.

Also when Japanese clients are interested in your products or service and inquire by e-mail, you can set your inquire e-mail in Japanese on your website and we receive its e-mails by us.

If your client send us e-mail in Japanese from your website, we can translate it into English then forward it to you. You can simply reply us its inquired e-mail by English and we can forward e-mail to your client translated into Japanese.

If you have your own domain, we can send e-mails by your domain too .

P.O. box service / our office is your office in Japan

When Japanese clients want to send parcels, letters or post cards to you, they might think it would be troublesome to send them to abroad. You can just tell them our office address and we can keep your parcels, letters and post cards. If you would like to know what is inside or what is written in the letter, we open them with your permission and send you pictures or scanned images in e-mail.
In case of parcels, we will be able to send you in cheapest method to be paid on delivery.

Sending your samples to your Japanese clients instead of you

If you would like to send the samples to many companies in Japan, you just send the samples to us by package. Then we can divide its package and send your samples to your specific customers.
Our cooperate company "Meitetsu Unyu Storage Service Co., Ltd" can handle all your samples and they can send each sample to your client within a few day by door to door service wherever your clients are in Japan.

Or when Japanese clients would like to send you the samples for your reference, you can tell your client to send the sample to our address in Japan.  We can send you its sample by your specific method to be paid on delivery.

Making website in Japanese

Making website in Japanese is most easiest way to let your product or service know to your Japanese customers.

Making website is one of our specialties and profession. We know all about website of Japanese including SEO (search engine optimization) steps. If you want to amend or add your Japanese pages, we can do without your troubles after making arrangement with you.

Japanese website is different its taste from the design of English pages.
We know all about the sense of making website in Japanese ways and you can add Japanese page in your homepage.

If you would like to refer Japanese taste of website, please click here.
There are 4 different sites like "Shopping site" "Enterprises" "Stores" and "Organizations". You can compare those Japanese design and English pages as you knew and will find the differences.

Negotiation with your Japanese customers instead of you

After deep communication with you, we can also negotiate with you customers instead of you with your specified method by phone or visiting the customer's company.
As you might know about Japanese business customs, it is quite different from foreign company's way. Our staffs are involved in distribution industries and knows about know-how to proceed the business in Japan.
So we can consult your demands to prevail Japanese market and enable to advise you with Japanese business mind too.

futher more

Location merit

Our office is located in just center of Japan.
Hamamatsu city in western Shizuoka prefecture and largest city in Shizuoka Prefecture.

The companies headquartered in Hamamatsu are Hamamatsu Photonics KK, Kawai Musical instruments Mfg, Roland Corporation, Suzuki Motor Co, Tokai Gakki (also known as Tokai Guitars Company Ltd) and Yamaha Corporation.
Also Hamamatsu city is famous for Honda Motor Co, founded in Hamamatsu city before.

Hamamatsu city is a station on the Tokaido Shinkansen and tokaido Main Line and is approximately halfway along the Tokaido line, as the journey time to both Tokyo and Shin-Osaka is approximately one and half hours with Hikari and two hours with Kodama, Shinkansen.

Hamamatsu Castle

Hamamatsu Castle can be found downtown. Built in 1568 by Tokugawa Ieyasu, it has been defended by a number of different lords since. The tower has been rebuilt, but the original stonewall remains. The inside is now a museum of Hamamatsu and the surrounds have become a park.

Hamamatsu station area