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Consultant services for your business in Japan

Your virtual office function service

These following 3 services are a set of our basic service except its expenses.
This cost is included our consultant fee and WBC consultant team will support your doing business in Japan.

If you have any inquires, please feel free to ask us.

  1. E-mail service / We can translate your e-mail into Japanese
  2. P .O. box service / our office is your office in Japan
  3. Sending your samples to your Japanese clients instead of you

The expenses of forwarder in Japan will be paid by you after estimation then we will start our service after confirmation of your remittance. WBC will not accept this service before our confirmation of remittance.
Also all expense when we will receive your package of samples from you, the expense like tariff, import charge, forward fee and other all cost shall be paid by you ASAP. When we will find the total expenses, we will inform you it cost by e-mail soon.

Service detail
Monthly fee
  • E-mail service
  • P.O. Box service
  • Sending samples service
  • Consultant service
50,000 JPN / month
plus other expenses
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Special Web site in Japanese

Making web site in Japanese

WBC will estimate the total cost after arrangement with you. For instance, top page, 5 contents pages, inquire page using CGI and SEO steps, the basic cost will be starting from US 2,000 dollars. We can upload your server by us if you want or sending folders to you by e-mail. The translation fee from English into Japanese are included the total cost.

Service detail
  • Web making service
Depends on contents
from 200,000 JPN
includes translation fee
except producing flash movie
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Representative Service

Negotiation with your Japanese customers instead of you

Service detail
  • Negotiation service
Depends on difficulties
50,000 JPN / a day
as labor cost
a transportation fee is not included
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Other services

WBC consultant team will accept the other service when you feel free to ask us the details of your demand for your doing business in Japan.
For instance, if you are in trouble or looking for the warehouse to deliver your products in Japan, we will assist you and find a right company in cheapest way for you !!