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Of course, you want to success in your global trading business, right ?
With WBC advertisement, you can make your business more successful with not only global buyers or sellers but also Japanese buyers and sellers!

WBC will be a leading e-marketplace for sellers and buyers from all around the world.

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WBC provides three kinds of Banner Advertisement, Main Page Ad, Buy & Sell Main Page Ad, and Keyword & Category Banner Ad. Banner advertisements can help you market your products in a effective way.


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Category page:Sub banner
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4 weeks
1000 US dollar
700 US dollar
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3 weeks
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2 weeks
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300 US dollar
300 US dollar
  • 1. Banner design should be designed by yourself and send us by e-mail.
  • 2. The maximum duration of advertisements are 4weeks.
  • 3.The minimum duration of advertisements are 2 weeks.
  • 4.To advertise for longer (or shorter) duration than the above, please contact us