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We can represent instead of you to contact Japanese companies.

Have you ever experienced like the following troubles with Japanese companies ?

You have tried to approach and contact with some Japanese company by e-mail but thereís no response from them. You wanted to know the reason why they did not reply to you.

On a way of negotiating with Japanese company, they suddenly did not reply to you. You wanted to know the reason why they had stopped the negotiating with you.

You canít understand Japanese and your interested Japanese company do not have any staffs understanding English. Finally you gave up dealing with them.


We can intermediate your company and Japanese companies without any language problems.

  • 1. Hearing from your company demands to Japanese company.
  • 2. Confirmation about the contact information of Japanese company.
  • 3. We will contact a key person of Japanese company by phone call or by e-mail in Japanese.
  • 4. Once we will receive the reply by e-mail, we will translate into English and will forward it to you by e-mail.When we contacted by phone call to Japanese company, we will send e-mail to you with their message translated into English.
  • 5. If you have any inquiries to its company, you can send e-mail to us and will forward its e-mail to Japanese company with translated into Japanese, and after receiving their reply, we will forward the message to you later.
  • 6. During the communication between Japanese company and you, we can advise the solutions to you. Because sometimes Japanese sales network is very complicated so our WBC staff will be able to advise the methods for you to enter Japanese market or buying methods.


30,000 JPY is basic fee of our negotiation service per a month
(less than 5 Japanese companies)

10,000 JPY for One time service to contact with Japanese company
(1 Japanese company only)


Please use Paypal adding 5% of Paypal charge.



What is your troubles to enter Japanese market?
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