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Dear Sirs :
The products information in this page are provided from our member.
Please contact us by e-mail if you are interested in.

Electronic Household appliances Law has issued in Japan. So when Washing machine, Refrigerate, Air-conditioner, TV are exported from Japan, it would be very difficult for us to export by ourselves.
We recommend you to come to Japan and check the products by your eyes. Then if you would like to buy the products from us, we suggest you to be exporter yourself to ship the products.
Of course, we have a good forwarder to recommend you from Nagoya port in Japan to export used products to your destination port.

Above items are only reference what our member would like to sell the products to you.
if you would like to inquire another items from Japanese market, please send us e-mail with product information in details and specification.

Other conditions we need to know from you :

  1. Payment condition
  2. Details of manufactured year you want
  3. Regulation to import the used products to your country
  4. Quantity per item

Thank you for your cooperation
T. Takagi Director

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