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GE Helical CT scanner "Lemage SX (Pro Speed SX)"

The following GE Helical CT scanner "Lemage SX (Pro Speed SX)" is going to be in stock in our warehouse by the end of this week.

Vintage : Mar. 1995
Total slices : Approx. 800,000 slices
Tube capacity : 1.5MHU
Tube slices : Approx. 100,000 slices


Price : 6,000,000Yen = approx US$48,000 (FOB Tokyo)

This price is inclusive of packing fee 200,000 Yen
Total weight : approx 2,000Kg Capacity : approx less than 15m3

Toshiba X-Ray KXO-80G

Toshiba X-Ray KXO-80G
Control : DCS-02A
X-Ray tube with hunger : DST-100A
X-Ray generator : KXO-80G
Vintage : 1994. April

Price (FOB Tokyo) : 1,500,000 Yen = approx US$12,000

including packing fee
Packing : Special packing for shipping
Capacity : Approx 7m3
Weight : Approx 1,000Kg

Nihon Koden Cardiofax Q (ECG-8410)

Nihon Kohden Cardiofax Q (ECG-8410)
Installed : 1992

Price (FOB Osaka) 400,000 Yen

Hitachi X-ray CT "CTW-1000"


Vintage 1992.9.3
Total Slices 348809
Tube Type B-200H

System Ser. 198
Tube Slices 155469

Gantry CT-WS-8 KB12839201
Console CT-WGP-4 KB12829202
X-ray Controller CT-WB-6A KB12828202

Table CT-WT-9 KB12840202
X-ray Generator CT-WG-6 B12825204
High-speed Anode driver CT-ST-3A

Panel CT-PB-4 KB12843202
Price (FOB Okayama) 3,800,000. Yen

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