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  • Demands from client

The Japanese big retail chain stores offered us to find the suppliers directly for their stores. They used to import the miscellaneous goods for daily use through Japanese trading companies but they had decided to import directly from supplies in the world market. Then they had offered us and wanted to find a right supplier from world market. The total items of their daily use items is more than 30,000 items and we are keep on looking for the right companies to supply them in good quality level products and based on trustable business relationship.

  • Consult plans

The one of function of WBC project names E-marketing was effected for marketing and consulting this time. WBC staffs had meeting with a buyer many times for the details of each product they wanted to import for their stores and also quantity to buy per year. We had collected any information from the suppliers and made lists to compare the price and trade conditions for our client. Each offer of item could gather about more than 100 supplier's information.

  • Results

WBC had done more than 60 items for our client and they still keep on importing the products with their specified color, specifications without investing the mould. Some manufacture in China had problems after importing the product but WBC staff had intermediated between supplier and buyer to solve the problems and guided the best solution for both of them.

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