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  • Demands from client

In March 2011, Canon Inc Optical Component and System Division had contacted WBC division and asked us to find the method of distributors in Asian Market especially Korea, Taiwan, China, EU and USA market.
Canon Optoelectronics Components, Integrating the Latest Technologies Canon has been developing industrial components with super-high levels of precision and accuracy, using its optical technologies gained and accumulated for over half a century.
Canon now has a line of products that integrate cutting-edge optical technologies, electronic circuit technologies, and super-precision fabrication technologies, meeting the needs of our customers everywhere from research and development to production lines.

  • Consult plans

We had started to make the website for the details of offer for a company interested in this offer first.
We had offered this offer to all B2B site in abroad and also contacted with each company in Asian countries involved in Optical component market. Also we had contacted each country's government to support us to find distributors and they could provide some company to us with company's information.
So we could started to contact with them and forwarded any information about those companies to Canon Inc.

  • Results

Finally we could selected few company and a person in charge of Canon Inc had visited those companies to check and talk with each representative of those companies and could finalize the agreement of distribution in Taiwan, China and Singapore in August 2011.

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