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  • Demands from client

Grease trap may be placed under the sink, buried in the ground, above ground, inside the kitchen or outside the building with several solids interceptors to avoid the sewage water, food waste and grease oils goes direct to water drain pipe. They are boxes within the drain run that flows between the sinks in a kitchen to the foul sewer system.  This new Grease Trap Cleaning System was developed by one of our Japanese client to reduce the fats and oils. Japan is very strict country for the regulation of waste water to the drain pipe so our client would like to market and sell their system to world market and wanted to save the environment for users.

  • Consult plans

Nobody can speak and write English in our client's company so WBC division had contracted with our client as a sole distributor for foreign market to sell their products. Then we had had many meeting with our client to know the details of products and strategy for the market. Also we had to know about the ingredients of Radical GT system. After checking the permission by the government if the products will be able to export from Japan, we had started to market the products and investigated who would be buyers in the market.

  • Results

We had so many inquiries from many countries like Australia, New Zealand, Korea, China and etc. WBC division made the details of product, sales contract, price list written in English and forwarded the files to the inquired companies. Some Chinese company was interested in the products and after negotiating the details of contract and prices, WBC staff had visited Chinese companies to explain the product and to sign the contract with them.

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