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WBC Consultant Business Center

We will support your business with our staffs,and you can enjoy our value added service.

Member Option service

Option Price
Currency Unit is based on US dollar

item Free member price
(US dollar)
Paid member price
(US dollar)
e-mail translation service (English to Japanese) 10/each e-mail 5/each e-mail
e-mail translation service (Japanese to English) 15/each e-mail 7/each  e-mail
WBC recommend site additional page 1page
(Japanese page / English page)
200/Japanese page
250/English page
100/Japanese page
150/English page
Proxy telephone call to Japanese companies 30/a phone call
(except telephone charge)
only telephone charge
Making Agreement in Japanese 1,000 500
Translation Service of Agreement into English 50 / page 25 / page
Proxy of negotiation like price or deal details
(by e-mail or telephone)
500 / 2 weeks 250 / 2 weeks
Charge of Proxy of application "Corporate Credit Research in Japan" 50 / company 50 / company
Companion Service to Japanese companies 
An expense of transportation and hotel burden with you
500 / day 300 / day
Option service