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Disintegration system of Radical Liquid

Place installed : Shopping Center in Suzuka City

Date : 10th March, 2008

Circumstances :

The oil was floating on the surface of Grease Trap about 3cm and the stench from Grease Trap was assailed because oil, detergent and others were mixed together. Also the scum was found and growth in the grease trap. The periodical inspection and cleaning must be needed.

- One week later -

Date : 17th March, 2008

Circumstances :

Oils and fats floating on the grease trap were emulsified and decomposed perfectly. Also the scum was emulsified too. When taking this picture, the staffs were cleaning the floor with water so its water came in to grease trap. The muddy color of water is seemed on the picture but the periodical inspection and cleaning will not need so often. We don't feel any stench on this day from the grease trap.

- 12 days later -

Date : 22nd March, 2008

Circumstances :

Oils, fats and scums floating on the grease trap was perfectly emulsified and decomposed. Also not only on the surface on the grease trap, but also the scum stucked beside the grease trap was emulsified and cleaned. The transparency of sewage water was cleaned comparing the second picture. The smell had gone when we felt so bad at the first day.

In above result, by keep on using our Radical GT system in their facility, we strongly believe that oils, fats, scum and bad smell will reduce to not only in the grease trap but also sinks, drains and pipes in this facility.
To keep in sanitary inside the grease trap will effect to the septic tank flowing the water. This makes the life of septic tank longer and save the environment around this facility.

Trade Conditions :


FOB Japanese port


T/T (available negotiation)

Lead Time

1 week or less than 10 days after confirming the remittance

Minimum Lot per an order

10 set (available negotiation)

Personal order


Retail Price

170,000 JPY/set


Export Box (D 47cm x W 44cm x H 30cm)

Plug for foreign country

option (available transformer and plug)

Distributor's Merit :

They say that the environment matters are big problem now in the world. Our products has sociality, prospects, marketability, profitable and reliance as well. A stabilization of benefit will be expectable with an expendable supplies like Radical Liquid and Radical Powder.

Radical GT System is adopting the natural circulation system and will not damage the natural environment with saving the earth. The current system method are using ozone or ion system but they will damage the environment of earth. Also, a treatment using vacuum is increasing the industrial waste. A handwork for cleaning won't solve the problems like stuffiness and bad smell of pipes.

WBC Japan

Evolution and Create Inc (WBC Japan) is a consultant and marketing company established 1998.
One of our client "Radical Japan Co., Ltd " located in Nagoya city in central part of Japan would like to offer us to prevail their products to world market this time. Please refer their product lines and please contact us freely if you are interested in. Also they are looking for their distributors in each country. Regarding this distribution, if you would like to confirm the condition to deal with, please contact us. Any inquiries are welcome !!

We are looking for a distributor in your county.Please feel free to inquire us in e-mail.

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Tel : 81-52-778-3934 (Japanese only)
Tel : 81-53-476-6221 (English)

URL : http://www.radical-japan.co.jp (Japanese only)

E-mail : info@radical-japan.co.jp ( direct to Radical Japan Co., Ltd)

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