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MARINE TOPIA RESORT Welcome to our home away from home!
MARINE TOPIA RESORT Welcome to our home away from home!

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WBC (who we are)
Evolution and Create Inc (WBC Japan) is a consultant and marketing company established 1998. Cooperation with Sanwa Tsusan Co., Ltd, we have started to market to sell the condominiums and land properties names "Marine Topia Resort" in Kyoto, central part of Japan instead of them to world buyers and investors. The real trade and selling procedures are based on Sanwa Tsusan Co., Ltd business method and WBC Japan represents them to market their properties. All information about Marine Topia Resort in Kyoto was provided by Sanwa Tsusan Co., Ltd. All inquiry will be responded through WBC Japan in according to the comment of person who charges this project in Sanwa Tsusan Co., Ltd. Any inquiries are welcome!

Marine Topia Aquahills

Wing 1th Condo

Wing 2th Condo

Wing 3th Condo

Wing 4th Condo

Wing 5th Condo

Wing 6th Condo

Wing 7th Condo

Wing 8th Condo

Wing 9th Condo

Marine Club

Reference Facilitey

Marine Topia Wing 10th Condo

Available with independence atmosphere and convenience of a resort condo as well as comfortable luxury living like the Mediterranean people with a terrific fine ocean view. .

of sale

35 condos


2 bed rooms and 3 bed rooms


21,200,000 to 29,200,000 JPY

Floor size

58.04 square meter to 109.45 square meter

balcony size

19.24 square meter to 63.53 square meter




SRC structure


2nd June, 2007

Natural Hot Spring is connected to each room available 24 hours 365 days

The current resort condo generally do not have a hot spring water connected to each room due to the high rise building structure and high cost of construction to build the piping link to each room.

This means each owner of condo needs to bear those cost and maintenance fee. Marine Topia Resort Wing 10th condos is designed low rise building type with tiered platform shape and enable to connect hot spring water to each room with all water pipes are connected in outside of building. There's a few a sort of condo with hot spring to bath room in each room even in central Japan area.

Place of resort

344-1 Gotota, Koaza, Nanbano, Miyazu-shi, Kyoto


10 min walk from Ejiri bus stop, Kita Kinki Tango railway Amano-Hashidate Station and transit to Tankai bus 15 min

Purpose to use land

Low Layer residence only area

Land classification

Housing Lot

Building coverage/
Floor area ratio

Building coverage 50% / Floor area ratio 80%

Total number of house

67 houses

House for sale

67 houses

Total Floor Space

6,684.31 square meters

Total Building area

3,099.65 square meters


Ferroconcrete 3 stories and 3 basement

Payment for private road



2 bed rooms and 3 bed rooms

Floor size

58.04 square meters ( 6 houses ) to 109.45 square meters ( 2 houses )

Balcony size

19.24 square meters to 63.53 square meters

Rights of ownership after sold

Share depends on a rate of each house per total square meters for land
Divided owner's space for building

Entrusted company

Nishigaki Co., Ltd ( Marine Topia Resort project )

Management company

Nishigaki Co., Ltd ( Marine Topia Resort project )

Preservation of deposit

Taken action to keep the deposit. The deposit is 10% for the amount

Depository for design plan

Nishigaki Co., Ltd ( Marine Topia Resort project )


Aia Urban Design and Consulting Co., Ltd


Daisue Construction Co., ( Osaka Honten )

Entrepreneur and Seller

Nishigaki Co., Ltd ( Marine Topia Resort project )

Number of construction permit

#ERI 04043581 19th December, 2005 H17-CIAS00208


Development permission 365-11 ( 25th November 2004 )
Application of Area plan # 88 ( 8th December, 2004 )
Application for Hukushi no machi tsukuri code ( more than 200 sq meter)
( 24th December, 2004 )

Used condo Marine Topia Wing 9th Condo 1001 room


March 2000


3 bed rooms


21,000,000 JPY

Floor size

78.67 square meters

Balcony size

20.29 square meters

Management fee

39,000 JPY/ month

Accumulated fee

3,900 JPY / month




Reinforced steel concrete structure, 11 storied building

  • Restaurant (wing 2, 5 and 8)
  • Big public hot spring (wing 6, 8 and 10)
  • Big public bath with sauna bath (wing 5)
  • Indoor swimming pool (wing 4, 5, 6 and 9)
  • Outdoor swimming pool (wing 2 and 8)
  • Tennis court (wing 7)
  • Athletic gym (wing 4)

Other facilities
  • Marina, BBQ, Video theater, Squash, Karaoke room, Pool bar

image Used condo Marine Topia Wing 9th condo 1001 room

Marine Topia Aquahills : Land property Sell

Aquahills image
Guide to Buy Property In Japan

Details :

Name of Lot



10 min walk from Ejiri bus stop, Kita Kinki Tango railway Amano-Hashidate Station and transit to Tankai bus 15 min

Purpose to use land

Low Layer residence only area

Floor area ratio

Floor area ratio 80%

Total Lot

67 lots

Sales plan

From 10,750,000 JPY to 22,720,000 JPY


Miyazu city water, Kansai Electricity Co., NTT telephone line

Develop permit number

Code : Kyoto5-365-11


344-1 Gotota, Koaza, Nanbano, Miyazu-shi, Kyoto

Purpose to use land

Residence only area

Building coverage

Building coverage 50%

Developing area

29,613.08 sq meter ( related developing area 3,953.50 sq meter )

Total sale area

39 lots

Average price range

upper 10,000,000 (10 lots )


from 6.0m to 6.5m asphalt road

Area planning direction

Tango Amanohashidate Ooe-yama National Park

Marin Topia Resort Essential

Hot Spring

4 bathes and 6 Sauna bathes
You can use ocean view bath, natural hot spring bath with natural salt radon, babble bath, open-air bath, sauna bath like Finland style and mist sauna bath enable to enter with wearing swim suit if you like.

Complex Pool

Relax Time Garden & In door pool
Relax Time Garden & In door pool
Relax Time Garden & In door pool

2 swimming pools at beach side and 2 garden pools in season available to enjoy a beautiful ocean view from those bathes. Indoor swimming pool has a floor heating system in whole year

Tennis Fitness stuido
Putter Golf etc..

You can enjoy the sports at all weather open-air tennis court with facilities for night game, squash court and putting golf course, and also you can train your body with machines at athletic gym.


Enough complete facilities to enjoy video theater, pool bar and Karaoke in our condominiums.

Enjoy the boat fishing
Enjoy the boat fishing

Over 70cm red sea bream and flatfish, rich circumstances with many types of fishes in whole year with boat fishing at Wakasa bay area.

Japanese style
Western style

A Japanese style restaurant with Sushi and Sashimi boat, Kaiseki meals with fresh fishes with skilled chef and western style restaurant enable to enjoy full-course dinner and pasta etc if you bore Japanese foods.

Marine Sports
Enjoy Resort Life in Kyoto

Parasailing, Banana-boat, Wake board, Scuba diving, Cruising available at our resort. Marine Topia Resort has a marina and enjoy cruising rental if you don't have boat if you enter our marine club member.

Access to Marine Topia Resort

Traffic range within 100Km from Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto downtown area About 2 hours driving reaches to Marine Topia Resort


We invite you to come to see for yourself why these oceanfront condominiums on the Japan Sea Coast were named "Tango Peninsula", all foreigners for spreading out to the sea". With the thoughtfully conceived amenities and activities like golf, skiing, sightseeing, snorkeling, hiking, biking, tennis, hot spring, sailing, fishing, we are confident that you stay at Marine Topia Resort will be memorable.

By Train
About 2 hours 10 minutes from Osaka Station

From Kansai International Airport
To Osaka Station by Shuttle Bus, than take Fukuchiyama line to Amanohashidate Station. Get sightseeing boat around Amanohashidate area then across to other coast. Ride free limousine bus at Nishigaki supermarket to Marine Topia Resort.
By Highway Bus
About 2 hours 40 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station
By Car from Kansai International Airport
Take Wangan line to Ozaki-Suehiro exit, go to North with route 192 and 42.
From Chugoku-Jidousyadou "takarazuka" interchange and transit at Yoshikawa JCT. and through Wakasa jidousyadou to Ayabe JCT and transfer to Kyoto Jyukan jidousyadou to Miyazu Amanohashidate Interchange then take route 178 to Marine Topia Resort

Information of Seller

Date of exhibit

5th January, 2009

name of advertiser

Sanwa Tsusan Co., Ltd

Adress of advertiser

3-2-8 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka

Telephone of advertiser


Licence number of advertiser

Osaka Governer 11 No.14234

Expire date of advertisement

31th October, 2009

Trade condition


Member of Osaka Prefecture Real Estate Business Fair Trade Corporation
Member of Kinki District Real Estate Fair Trade Conference Corporation
Member of Kansai Real Estate Infromation Center


Call:+81-53-476-6221 Fax:+81-53-476-6148