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Refrigerator for maintaining food freshness. Hyosenko Mini

Maintains freshness at average humidity of 95% and average temperature of 5 celsius.

Benefits of the Hyosenko

1.High humidity

  • Although the average humidity insede the Hyosenko is 95%, with a special cooling method, no condensation occurs inside.
  • The humidity fluctuation is tolerance 1%.

2.Low temperature

  • With the average temperature inseide the Hyosenko maintained at between 0 celsius and 5 celsiusdeterioration in the color and flavor of foods is minimized.
  • The temperature fluctuation is tolerance 1 celsius.

3.Shrinkage prevention

  • Since only natural convection occurs inside the regrigerator, with almost no airflow, shrinkage is extremely small.
  • The Hyosenko maintains the freshness of foods in an environment that is lower in temperature and higher in humidity than ordinary refrigerators, allowing you greater control of shipping timing.

Clear differences in results after refrigeration

Skid to be installed in prefabricated unit

  • The prefabricated unit must be provided by the user.
  • You can modify your existing refrigerator into a Hyosenko.


1. Payment

Basically we ask a first beginning customer about the payment as advanced payment. After 2nd business with our customer, we would like to talk about the payment based on your requests.

2. Maintenance

If you find any problems regarding to our products, please contact with us first with details of problem. We would like to inform your about our procedures to solve the problems.
As for small machines, we would like to exchange a new item if we have a stock for you, and regarding to large machines, the machine repair will be treated by our contracted HITACHI related companies in your local area.

3. Delivery

After confirming your fund transfer to our bank account, we will ship machines approximately 1 to 2 months lead time depending on its specifications.

4. Installation guide

We have Japanese and English manual for an installation.

5. Warranty

We have 1 year guarantee for our products.

6. Packaging for export

We will choose the best packing method for each machine like Try Wall (Fiber board carton), Wooden Box packing and vacuum packed packing.

7. Voltage and Power

We will ship small machines based on Japanese specification so we would like you to prepare current transformer at your side and also we will ship large machines with corresponding your local electrical power.


Model Skid-1 Skid-2
Power supply Single-phase, 100V 3-phase, 100V
Electrical capacity 0.5kW 1kW
Skid dimensions W665 x D600 x H1,100mm W1,265 x D600 x H1,100mm
Product weight 60kg 90kg
Operating weight 80kg 110kg

  • The above specifications may be changed without prior notice for purpose of improvement.

Company Information

Name of Company KE Corporation Co., Ltd
Established June, 1946
Capital 90,000,000 JPY
President Takeki Kajimoto
Head Office 715 Miyakami, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-city, Shizuoka, 424-0911, Japan
Branches System Division, Tokyo office, Hiroshima Office
  • Developing refrigeration and freezing system equipments
  • Developing Saving energy and labor-saving machines and equipments
  • Developing environmental engineering equipments
  • Developing protractors, eliminate alien substance equipments and syringes
  • Developing food processors and related equipments
  • Developing vehicle maintenance equipments
  • Developing engineering industrial products
  • Developing custom order equipments
  • Developing an engineering system for plant factories

Call:+81-53-476-6221 Fax:+81-53-476-6148