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used folk trucks

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used folk trucks

Now you don't need to check every stock data in each website!! We can source the used Fork truck for you from Japanese market.
We can arrange the brand new fork lift for you.

When you look for the folk truck from Japan, you might have to check each Japanese website of used fork trucks. Did you feel it was troublesome for you?
Please trust us we will provide the needed information for you if you can fill the following questions.

  • Petrol engine type
  • Diesel engine type (2.5tons to 4.5tons)
  • Electric fork truck Reach type (1.4tons to 2.5tons)
  • Electric fork truck Counter type (1.4tons to 2.5tons)

We can load 3-4 fork trucks to 20F container and 6-8 fork trucks to 40F container.

Please let us know your demand and we will reply to you with detail information and pictures.

fields marked with an asterisk are required.

Select type
Tons * ton
Year *
Manufacture *
Model *
Spec *
Ex : mast height, attachment
Working hour meter * less than hours
Price range *
Name *
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Phone Number *
Refine *
if you need repaint, change new battery,
other options and engine maintenance,
please let us know the details.
If you need plural number of fork truck,
please inform us above information.

We will try to find a good condition fork truck for you using our powerful networks and will send you back with each truck information and pictures for your reference.