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Buying and Shipping service of Japanese online shop

  • Buying and Shipping service of Japanese online shop

Most of Japanese shops does not ship to foreign countries even you are interested in products so we can represent to buy the products instead of you and will ship the product for you by EMS or UPS.


1. Contact to us !!

If you find the products you would like to buy from the following shopping site, please contact to us with web address of product.

2. Check the inland shipping fee

We will check the inland shipping fee, payment method to the supplier and stock conditions of product for you first.

3. Estimation

We will provide the estimation for you. The total amount is including

  • product price
  • inland shipping fee
  • sometime (bank charge)
  • shipping fee from Japan to you by EMS or UPS
  • Paypal charge (5%)
  • our commission (10% of product price)

4. Payment

We accept the payment by Paypal.



If you prefer the payment by wire transfer bank to bank, we can calculate the bank charge and will provide the estimation for you again. (Japanese bank charge is expensive as 4,500 JPY)

5. Order to supplier

After confirming the payment from you, we will place the order to supplier and will pay the total amount to them. They will reply us with the shipping schedule to us and will inform you about it later.


6. Ship to you

When we will receive the product from a supplier, we will prepare the document (invoice and EMS shipping document) and will send the package for you by EMS or UPS. We will inform the tracking number to you by e-mail later.

7. Receiving the package

With the tracking number we inform to you, you can trace the package from the website. After receiving the package from us, please check the product soon. If the product was broken during the transportation from us to you, the insurance may cover the product fee. Please take pictures and claim to nearest post office (by EMS) or nearest branch of UPS and report it. These forwarders will check the package and will inform us later. They will make a decision it was caused by during the transportation or not. And we will ship the product again to you if the forwarder will accept the replacement.

8. Our fee

We will charge 10% of product price adding the estimation to you.


9. Cancellation

If you realize you have made a mistake and want to cancel your order after the payment has done by Paypal, please contact us as soon as possible. Since we will place your order soon and will pay the total amount to a supplier. We canít cancel your order if we have already placed the order to a shop or if we have already shipped to you.


10. In case the product you received was not correct.

When you receive the package from us, please check the color and size first. Please notify us about the product broken to return within 5 days after receipt the product. Claim made after 5 days of receipt will not be accepted. Also we donít accept the returning products to us on account of your own person reasons.


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Free estimation Please contact us freely and there's no charge for the estimation to you.
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